Dhruv Khosla


We were having a big party and someone suggested this place.

We made a huge order and we're not disappointed!, To start with I would really like to commend their packaging, the cold dishes like sushi were packed separately from the hot ones , the sushi was packed with a cold ice pack to keep the sushi cold. And the hot dishes were packed in a very sturdy branded cardboard box with all the possible cutlery. Iv never seen this before . Generally restaurants pack the cold dishes with the hit which inevitably results in the cold dishes getting hot and the hot dishes getting cold

To start with I will list out the most outstanding dishes that we ordered:

The prawn gyoza dimsums
The wild mushroom in truffle oil dimsums
The pulled chicken skewers
Bao bao black sheep lamb bao

The above dishes balance of taste and portions shows the excellence of the chef, I really commend the chef for these creations, the taste and presentation was excellent . These kind of dishes really set them apart from run of the mill restaurants and really made my guests appreciate the variety of the food on offer.

And the best part is that the costs of the dishes is nominal but the quality and quantity is phenomenal, both the dimsums were really par excellence, the prawn gyoza was oozing with little prawns and I enjoyed them the most.

All other dishes such as the Thai basil veggies, chocolate cigars, bang bang chicken, noodles, fish in burnt garlic sauce were very well done and I must commend the chef on the perfectness if taste in each and every dish.



One of the recent food deliveries I tried with beautiful (abstract even) packaging art is AH-SO-YUM. This primarily delivery restaurant offers contemporary Pan Asian cuisine. Now I won’t go as far as saying I have never had food like this before, because well I eat out a lot. But I will say this… It’s one of the best pan Asian I have had in Gurgaon. Artfully presented and bursting with flavors, it is a sure shot star which can and will give its competitors a run for their money. (I mean pink dumplings! You get me bro!) The menu offers a good variety to choose from. They have everything from dim sums to sushi to poke bowls to the thai curries.

So here’s the thing, I have travelled to every continent of the world to be able to differentiate between soggy salmon sushi, and freshly sliced salmon slivers in rice sushi (thoda self-congratulatory, but what the heck. It’s my review na :) If you think the people at Ah SO Yum take their sushi seriously, you should check out their gorgeous dimsums. There they go ballistic! The many shapes, sizes and fillings will simply not let you pick one. Even my children loved how well presented these beautiful yummy bags of flavour were. I love it when restaurants experiment with food, more often than not they are not too successful but in Ah So Yum’s case dishes like Teriyaki Chicken Samosa’s, Chicken & Gari Dimsum’s, Sassy Begum Sushi & the Snicker Sushi’s were all amazingly successful & delectable experiments.

The food was an A+ through and through. All the way from the packaging (utensils, welcome message, fortune cookie etc.), the quality and the quantity were really top notch. The prices are on the lower side when compared to other such premium Pan Asian outlets. In fact i was so impressed by the food that i ended up visiting the restaurant twice on the same day for lunch and dinner. They have a nice outdoor seating area with colourful chairs, but the crowning glory was the beautiful spankingly clean open kitchen.

Shows that they take their hygiene standards very seriously. In the end though, it was the picture on the take away boxes that caught my attention for a very long time.

Wonder what it means!

Radhika Agarwal


Being a vegetarian, I was never satisfied with the sushis offered at some great places. Recently I discovered this place and I am so happy to add this place in my favourites. This delivery joint offers contemporary Pan Asian cuisine. The menu is extensive and offers a good variety to choose from-raw papaya salad to dimsums to poke bowl and what not!

The best part about this restaurant is that the ingredients used are fresh and full of flavours. Special mention for brilliant packaging and fortune cookie which was yummy and not so sweet. Accompaniments of sushi were properly packed- wasabi, ginger and soy sauce. Now, coming to the USP of this place-Ah So Yum offers an exclusive experience of live sushi counter at your home when you order sushi. I was amazed to see the preparation of sushi right in front of my eyes.

1) Edamame tofu sushi- I experienced the making of this live sushi and I really enjoyed the whole process. Soft tofu and steamed edamame made a great combo.

2) Japanese pickle veg sushi -this sushi rolled with spinach had filling of pickled carrots, cucumber and radish. I really loved it's texture and taste.

3) Edamame and truffle oil dimsums-dimsums were delicious. Such thin covering of dimsums stuffed with tasty delights. I gobbled 5 dimsums without any guilt :D

4)Stir fried veggies in oyster sauce and Jasmine rice-Stir fried veggies looked colorful and it tasted brilliant. This dish was literally bursting with flavors. It paired up perfectly with jasmine rice which was fragrant. It had delicate floral and buttery scent.

5)Chocolate sushi- The traditional sushi just got better with the introduction of snickers chocolate as its fusion ingredient . Do try this variant if you have a sweet tooth.

So overall my experience was excellent. I have bookmarked this outlet because it really needs to be everyone's favorite! The food portion sizes are generous and prices are reasonable. The food was delivered hot and the presentation was really good. A big thumbs up! Asian food lovers must try!

Shambavi Katoch (What Sam Says About)


Now there are good places and then there are great places. This place makes it to my list of great places in Gurgaon and Delhi where you can satiate your soul food cravings. And let me warn you at the outset if you are expecting a run of the mill Manchurian chowmein place, then my friend this is not the place for you. If you understand Asian food as it should be - in its real authentic traditional form then my friends this is just that place you have not been able to find yet because they just opened their doors. And thank God they did. The detailing is mind blowing with the chopsticks and the traditional condiments and don't forget to read what your fortune cookie has in store for you.

When my food arrived in professional very beautiful world class packaging I was happy that I judged this book by the cover. Great, hot fresh food delivered at my doorstep, flawless and two thumbs up to the great team that runs this show. The edamame truffle dimsums I had are unusually delicious beyond comprehension. The asparagus tempura roll so spot on and such a rockstar of a dish. The sushi oh wow, so subtle so to the point that you want to go give the chef a hug for bringing you this world class sushi in the comfort of your own home. My soulfood Chicken Katsu curry with jasmine rice met my expectations and satiated my soul oh so completely and had me at hello. The yellow curry prawn dimsums are so Unique no delivery place can ever fathom making something unique like this. The noodles nice but the icing on the cake friends was the nutella Sushi. Stuffed with a snickers mini this little bombshell will do your sweet tooth justice. So people this new kid on the block is very promising and has all the right ingredients to be the next blockbuster place. Pick up those smart phones and order an unforgettable meal experience. And trust me when I say that. I can personally vouch for this place.